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Component «Price and stock recalculation»

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How it works «Price and stock recalculation» #

It allows to run price recalculation and restocking of the products, provided by suppliers.

Initially you would need to upload suppliers' price-lists through Suppliers app, then create the rules of margin and price recalculation in the current app.

OneBox will recalculate the prices and stock for every product in real time.

It's a complex technical app with a high number of logics and conditions, but to simplify its logic can be described as follows:

  1. if a product has "synchronize the stock" checkbox enabled, the moment the product is back in stock with any supplier again, it will show up as "in stock" for you. If none of the suppliers has the product, it will show up as "not in stock" for you automatically.
  2. if a product has "synchronize the price" checkbox enabled, any time there are any changes in supplier’s price-list, the app will apply the margin rules automatically and will determine the most profitable supplier, will bind him to the product and will set the new price for the product;
  3. if you have integrations with marketplaces (prom, hotline, rozetka) configured, it will send the products to marketplaces as well.

The app works in real time in OneBox OS, you do not have to run the price and stock recalculation in the background.

You can create a lot rules for setting margins and defining suppliers. 

Screenshots «Price and stock recalculation» #

Available Platforms «Price and stock recalculation» #

Application Price and stock recalculation available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Price and stock recalculation available on my server
Available on my server
Application Price and stock recalculation customizable

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