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Ukrainian CRM systems for business

A CRM system is a comprehensive solution for managing customer relationships. It allows for the automation of business processes, thereby increasing sales, optimizing marketing strategies, and improving customer service quality. We offer digital solutions for various companies, regardless of their industry.

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Advantages of Using a CRM System for Business

According to Nucleusresearch, the average return on investment for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent. So why are these digital solutions so effective, and what are their benefits for businesses?

  • Data consolidation

Keep all the necessary information in one place: customer contact information, orders, payments, documents, call history, notes, and tasks for each project - all structured and easily accessible in just a few clicks.

  • Interaction tracking

With our company's CRM system in Ukraine, you can track interactions with customers and partners and build personalized communications.

  • Measurement of performance and productivity

Get visual and understandable data on department or employee efficiency. Evaluate results and understand where adjustments need to be made to improve service, product, or sales.

  • Automation of routine processes

A relationship management system allows you to automate repetitive tasks. This will help you avoid mistakes due to human error and free up employees to perform more important tasks.

  • Full control over work processes

Create a sales funnel, track payments, deliveries, overdue orders, task completion, organize customer work, control employee activity, and much more in real-time.

What business processes can be automated with CRM implementation?

With us, business process optimization is available to companies from any industry. Control employee work, automate routine processes, communication with customers, and sales management - this is just a small part of the aspects that can be improved with solutions from OneBox.

  • Sales and customer and partner relationship management

Manage interactions with customers, partners, colleagues, and suppliers. CRM systems in Ukraine allow you to keep track of customers, automate employee work organization, and control sales levels.

  • Logistics process management 

React faster to customer inquiries, manage your customer database and shipments, simplify document management with our IT solutions.

  • Automation of inventory and RRO processes, financial management

Leave all the routine processes of your business to our software. Track finances, control inventory movement and balances, automate paperwork.

  • Accounting of consumables, warehouse stocks, procurement management

Get rid of mistakes due to human factor. Keep track of consumption invoices, control inventory movement, automate supplier orders, reporting, and much more.

Why do Ukrainians choose free CRM systems from OneBox?

OneBox is a business operating system consisting of hundreds of applications. We provide users with the ability to choose which digital solutions they need: install a ready-made application or create their own! With us, you will get a number of advantages:

Flexible software customization 

Create your own CRM system for Ukraine based on OneBox. Modify the application, program, and configure it for your business yourself using our documentation or with the help of third-party companies or individual developers.

Large Ukrainian user and integrator community

Find answers to any questions thanks to the large user and integrator community of OneBox. Its presence is especially relevant for those who have decided to independently configure the software according to the company's documentation.

Solutions for different business industries

We offer business management systems for IT, legal, financial, medical companies, beauty salons, marriage agencies, hotels, educational institutions, and many other industries.

Integration with popular services, etc. 

Integrate existing company software or external services into the OneBox application: IP telephony, popular messengers, payment services, online maps, organizers, etc.

Data security and confidentiality

OneBox is a cloud platform whose services comply with modern security standards. We update security measures with each release and offer multi-factor identification, firewalls, data encryption, and identification and access control.

Support for different platforms 

Our software is available for Android and iOS devices, in the cloud and on a local server.

Easy implementation of CRM from OneBox

All you need to do is register on our website. After that, you can create an unlimited number of cloud boxes and put the application you need inside each box.

Affordable free plan

Take advantage of the opportunity to get your CRM system for free! The basic plan includes creating up to 1000 entities. If you need more than the specified limit, contact us and we will find the most favorable conditions for you.

FAQ about Ukrainian CRM systems for business

Why is OneBox the best CRM for businesses in Ukraine?

OneBox is a cloud platform that allows you to choose the exact application your business needs or create your own software. Our solutions are easy to install, configure, and integrate with the software products already in use in your company.

Is the Ukrainian CRM for business from OneBox provided for free?

Yes, Ukrainian CRM for business can be used for free. The basic free tariff includes the installation of necessary applications, their indefinite use by any number of users, and the installation of up to 1000 entities. This term includes operations, contacts, documents, and more.

What is the purpose of a CRM system for business?

Automation of modern business is the key to its success and competitiveness. A CRM system allows you to manage sales, relationships with customers and partners, logistic processes, automate inventory and financial accounting, expense tracking, inventory management, and purchasing management. All of this saves time and resources, helps increase profits and customer loyalty.

Is there training available for working with OneBox's CRM system?

Yes, you can install and configure the necessary application yourself using our documentation and courses. If necessary, you can seek the help of professional developers, and still, your expenses will be minimal in the market.

Do you provide assistance in migrating from my CRM to OneBox's CRM system?

Yes, we provide assistance in migrating from your CRM to OneBox's CRM system. Our partners will transfer existing data and business processes, perform necessary software modifications, and adapt them to our platform. They will analyze previously made settings and provide detailed consultations on operating the OneBox platform. Additional services are also available based on your requests and the previously used CRM.