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I prescribe the correct IP in the IP field, the system does not accept changes.

I create a new cron "Automation". I prescribe the parameters, see scr1. As a result, I look in the connection logs and see that there is some kind of left ip in general.
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after being prescribed, you have to wait. The log generates an action once an hour
03.11.2022, 18:38
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I've been waiting for days. Nothing changes. I made this post 3 days after I wrote it.
04.11.2022, 17:07
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Can anyone help? 5 days have passed - the problem is the same.
log data fresh - ERROR 2022-11-09 10:37:12 Cannot connect to database: Access denied for user 'developsqluser'@'65.108.*.*' to database 'waudog.pl'
This is not the ip that I registered in the connector.
09.11.2022, 10:41
Original comment available on version: ru

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