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How it works «Phonet» #

It allows to make calls by clicking on client's number (click-to-call) through your Phonet telephony. Record of the call and its recording (if it took place) will be imported and saved in OneBox. Pop-up window can be displayed during the conversation. 

You need to set the fields and functions for the output in this window in the app settings.

Cloud pricing for data and applications

There is no additional charge

Cloud pricing per user

There is no additional charge. You only pay per OneBox user.

Boxed solution (on-site)

There is no additional charge. You only pay per OneBox user.

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Available Platforms «Phonet» #

Application Phonet available on Android
Available on Android
Application Phonet available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Phonet available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Phonet available on my server
Available on my server
Application Phonet customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Phonet» forum #

2 answer
Papidu Digital Agency
06.09.2022, 13:37
Authorization error in Phonet integration
Good day. I encountered a problem when setting up the integration of the box and Phonet telephony. The problem is as follows, when the integration ...
4 answer
Papidu Digital Agency
31.08.2022, 13:03
“Password in md5 format” is the hash for the API
Hello! To integrate with phonet, you need a hash password, where can I get it?
4 answer
No popup appears
Set up integration with Phonet When making a call from CPM by clicking on the phone number in the client card, dialing actually occurs, however, no...
3 answer
24.09.2020, 09:54
Back call
Good afternoon! When integrating with Phonet telephony, missed calls fall into tasks https://prnt.sc/umw3mi How to make it so that information is d...
5 replies
Тзов Екомора
23.09.2020, 09:53
Phonetic integration
Upon receipt of incoming calls, everything is good popping up all the time When you dial out, dial from the phone, everything is ok Ale, when you t...