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Relationship between sales order and vendor order

Is it possible to link a specific supplier order process with a specific customer order so that when the status of the supplier process changes, the status automatically changes in the sales order process?
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this is possible if the vendor order is created as under. process to the customer's order, then you put the action of changing the genus. processes.
But there is one more option
Since the goods are connected, we can fill in the product fields in the supplier's order and copy them to the sales order (there is an action for this)
and already in the customer's order, add the setting "change the stage depending on the conditions" -> there is the ability to check the fields of the process products.
15.01.2021, 09:33
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Hello Dmitry!
So that when the status of the supplier order changes, the status of the customer order changes. The easiest way is to make the customer order the parent of the supplier order.
There are several options for how this can be done:
1. Go to the supplier order and select the customer order in the parent process field
2. Create an order to the supplier as a sub-order to the client in the action "Create process to the supplier" there is such a checkbox.
Well, after you have connected the processes, you just need to put the actions "Change the business process and the status of the current, parent and all subordinate tasks" at the stages of the order to the supplier.
You can also change statuses and vice versa if the customer's order changes the status, switch the status of the supplier's order with this action "Find a subprocess with a given business process and stage and change its business process and stage"
15.01.2021, 09:37
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