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Good afternoon, there are parcels from 3 places. The first place indicates 2 kg (sums over all goods). For other places, 0.1 kg is installed. How to make that the weight is distributed in all places?
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You can check the box for sending dimensions separately and specify the weight and dimensions in each product in the box, then it will automatically write the weight for each.
Also, when manually creating, you can manually prescribe the dimensions and weight of each place by clicking on the appropriate button.
You can set the setting "If there are no product dimensions and the number of places > 1, distribute the weight evenly across all places" in the integration settings
19.04.2021, 18:51
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I know about this checkbox, but still the new mail tells us that this is not correct. That is, there is a package for 2 places, one 5 kg, the other 0.5, then the package is summed up 5.5 kg and divided into two places, in one place it will be 2.25 and in the second 2.25. And we need that if 1 product is 5 kg, and the second is 0.5, then one place is 5 kg, and the second is 0.5. We then conditionally glue where 5 kg per microwave, and where 0.5 kg per small bag. Is it possible?
19.04.2021, 19:03
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Try these two checkboxes (these are the integration settings for the New Mail account)
the first - Use volumetric weight instead of dimensions when creating a TTN (only the api request changes) - it works like this, the weight of each place in the NP is not sent via API at all, but a package with a total weight will be created. BUT, with such a request, a parcel is not created for the Post Offices, since the requirements of the NP are to fit into the dimensions of the cell, therefore it is necessary to send the location parameters (and this checkbox does not send the location parameters). If you send to Post Offices, you will not be able to create (we had the same problem)
second checkbox - If there are no dimensions of the product and the number of places > 1, distribute the weight evenly over all places - we use this checkmark and send it to parcel lockers and departments with a large weight. For us, it has its own drawback, it assigns a default volumetric weight of 1*1*1 , but we solved the issue by pulling the length/width/height from additional fields and filling in the process with larger values, if necessary, editing
19.04.2021, 19:06
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Thanks, I tried it. It still doesn't work the way it should. You need 5 kg in one place (as indicated in the product card), and in the second place 0.5.
And the program creates 5 + 0.5 = 5.5 kg in all places.
19.04.2021, 19:22
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The question is still relevant
19.04.2021, 19:48
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With the settings described above, the weight is evenly distributed. If you indicated the weight of 5 kg and 2 pieces, then the weight of each piece will be 2.5 kg.
This is not very correct, but the current mail turns a blind eye to this.
If you figure out how to do it better, I'm ready to participate financially with you in finalizing it.
21.04.2021, 08:47
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They have to change the weight on each of our parcels. This takes a lot of time. And if there are 1000 parcels, can you imagine how much needs to be done?
I have already written a proposal, albeit with the automatic creation of ttn - the weight of each place corresponds to the weight in the Nova Poshta product card. This will make the job very easy.
22.04.2021, 09:54
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This is an individual crutch. Not everyone has a separate place for each product.
Send 2 pieces - indicate the total weight and boxing them itself divides the weight equally into two pieces. New mail forgives this.
If not, then you can create a TTN with an indication of the total weight of all places. Screenshot is attached. Boxing can do it too. Then the new mail will have nothing to complain about. For me, this is also ideal. No need to think about the weight of each place and dimensions are not needed at all. The only problem is that with such settings you can not send to the post office.
If it is to be improved, then transfer the setting to the process, so that in the process you can choose the method of transferring weight: total weight, or divide by the number of seats with dimensions. Then you can add actions to automate the selection, depending on the presence of "Postomat" in the name of the department.
23.04.2021, 09:58
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