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Component «Nova Poshta»

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How it works «Nova Poshta» #

It allows to synchronize your OneBox with the list of Nova Poshta offices, create BOLs for orders (both automatically and manually), track and change the shipment status.

BOL is linked to the order, based on which it was created, that allows to track and change order status in OneBox then, when the shipment status changes.

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Available Platforms «Nova Poshta» #

Application Nova Poshta available on Android
Available on Android
Application Nova Poshta available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Nova Poshta available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Nova Poshta available on my server
Available on my server
Application Nova Poshta customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Nova Poshta» forum #

2 answer
yesterday, 13:24
Statuses of business processes are not switched from the status of IR
Stop switching business process statuses depending on NP statuses, according to settings http://box.smart-gadget.club/ How can this be fixed?
1 answer
Друкарня "Друкарик"
yesterday, 08:39
BP stages do not change when the NP statuses change
A week ago, all actions at the stages of this BP stopped working https://drukaryk.1b.app/app/workflow/17/constructor/ , related to the change i...
0 replies
27.03.2023, monday, 18:53
Problem with the Delete TTN New Mail action
If the TTN was created before today, then it is impossible to delete it through the API. The option Allow to switch the stage in case of a TPH d...
0 replies
19.03.2023, 14:30
Refinement. Changing data in an existing TN
box https://rivcont.info/ There are two methods according to the NP API https://developers.novaposhta.ua/view/model/a7682c1a-8512-11ec-8ced-005056b...
0 replies
14.03.2023, 12:14
Sender not found. periodic error
For example here https://rivcont.info/3649494/ There was an error https://take.ms/bxlYI , but then after 5-7 minutes everything is carried out. We ...
5 replies
There is no street in the list in the NP block, in the directory there is
There is no Kiev street, Lobanovsky Valeriy (Chervonozoryaniy) in the directory in the NP block. This street is in the address field when the S...
2 answer
08.03.2023, 15:25
Good afternoon https://box.agro-him.com.ua/ In our box now, all settlements in the new mail are displayed in Russian. How to change to Ukrainian? T...
2 answer
Default personal account
When you change the default cabinet, the previous one remains ticked in the list of cabinets.
5 replies
21.02.2023, 11:50
Evaluate the revision of the removal of goods from the registry
We can evaluate the action on the stage or checkmark in the action "Delete TTN New mail" Thank you
2 answer
21.02.2023, 09:54
How to translate a list of addresses into Ukrainian
Good day! In business processes, there is an address field, it pulls up the branch of the new mail when filling But pulls up information in Russi...