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It allows to integrate the telephony, place and receive calls via Nextel. You can initiate a call by clicking on number in client's card (click-to-call). Call recordings and calls history will automatically go to events after several minutes after the call. A pop-up window will show up during the incoming calls - fields for output in it are customizable, so your managers will see only the data and functions, required for quick processing of request.

Cloud pricing for data and applications

There is no additional charge

Cloud pricing per user

There is no additional charge. You only pay per OneBox user.

Boxed solution (on-site)

There is no additional charge. You only pay per OneBox user.

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Available Platforms «Nextel» #

Application Nextel available on Android
Available on Android
Application Nextel available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Nextel available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Nextel available on my server
Available on my server
Application Nextel customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Nextel» forum #

12 replies
OneBox Corp - Інтегратор
Personal license
19.10.2021, 12:05
Call recordings not loading
We solved the problem with events here https://crm-onebox.com/en/support/telephony/11259-ne-zatyagivaet-zvonki-v-sobiti... The certificate...
3 answer
OneBox Corp - Інтегратор
Personal license
06.10.2021, 13:14
Does not delay calls to events, there are logs
Last call for now 13:11 at 11:48 https://take.ms/n3F7A https://erp.openshop.ua/admin/shop/report/event/?evtype=call&filtercontactid...
5 replies
Problems with call forwarding in telephony
We have configured integration with Nextell telephony and recently, from about 1 week to 1 month, there was a bug with calls. For example, when cal...
2 answer
Интернет Магазин openshop.ua
18.11.2020, 19:01
not all data gets into the box
Good evening. I use telephony from Nextel, I also have a goip with my sim cards for outgoing calls. Data from calls that customers make to my SIM c...
1 answer
07.10.2020, 14:09
Integration with Nextel
Hello. Can you please tell me how to enable Nextel integration with OneBox?
2014993305 - Improved call routing in integration with Nextel telephony
Improved call routing for Nextel telephony. In order for it to start working, you need to insert the link box / nextel / push / in the routing sett...
2014634991 - Improved functionality of integration with Nextel telephony
For Nextel telephony, the ability to configure scripts for call forwarding has been improved
2014619900 - Improved integration functionality with Nextel telephony
Implemented integration with Nextel telephony. Functional: 1. click to call 2. events 3. listening to calls 4. pop-up windows for incoming and outg...