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Employee GPS app #

Do your employees go to customers to provide services or deliver goods? Then take care of the implementation of such a function as GPS tracking. This will make the work of mobile employees transparent and efficient, as well as provide an opportunity to increase the company's profits by reducing temporary losses.

Who needs an employee GPS program?

The application for tracking the location of staff will be useful for any company that involves mobile employees:

  • telecommunications;
  • goods delivery services;
  • security companies;
  • home medical care;
  • maintenance of ventilation, heating, etc .;
  • repair of furniture, plumbing at home;
  • cleaning, etc.

With the application from OneBox you will be able to see exactly to the minute where your employee is, how much time he spent on a particular object. All this will increase the efficiency of staff and avoid temporary losses for which each employer pays in cash.

Thanks to the visual display on the map and automatic reports, you will at any time be aware of where your employees are, which will have a positive impact on the level of service.

Benefits of GPS personnel control for your business

Tracking the work of employees with the help of gps-trackers will optimize the time spent on providing services. Other benefits of the program:

  1. Every mobile employee is under control. At any moment you will see where the person is, which route he is moving.
  2. Time monitoring. You will clearly understand how much time each employee spends in a particular location. In this way you can minimize temporary losses.
  3. Route tracking. Tracking an employee on GPS guarantees that he will go to the desired object, and not during business hours to solve personal issues.
  4. Reporting optimization. Card tracking will allow you to determine exactly where and how much time each mobile employee spent.

The OneBox employee GPS app has a simple and intuitive interface. It is compatible with iOS, Android. The program is installed on the employee's mobile phone or tablet, after which it is enough to allow location tracking on the device, and you will be able to view the movement of staff in real time.

The GPS employee application is a reliable tool for improving the efficiency of your team. Try to make sure it is effective!

How it works «Employees' GPS» #

OneBox mobile app for iOS and Android can track the location of your employees. It does not do this by default, but you can enable this option.

Within Employees' GPS app you will see Google map and current location of your colleagues. You can click on your employee and review his location history.

So how the OneBox know, where your staff member is?

OneBox app installed on an employee's cell phone sends an inquiry to GPS-sensor of the phone at a given frequency and, whenever Wi-Fi or 2G/3G/4G connection is available, sends the data as a batch to OneBox.

GPS-sensor inquiry frequency is set in GPS app settings for each staff member individually.

To get this option enabled, you would need to install the app, log into it and give permission to track the location in the background.

Optionally, you can also integrate it with any other GPS-sensors from third-party producers, for example to track corporate vehicles.

There also GPS processes app, designed to track the objects (not the contacts or users).

If you want the app to display maps, you would need to have integration with Google Maps.

More details here.

Screenshots «Employees' GPS» #

Available Platforms «Employees' GPS» #

Application Employees' GPS available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Employees' GPS available on my server
Available on my server
Application Employees' GPS customizable

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