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OneBox Affiliate Program

Who are we looking for in the affiliate program and how to make money with partnership with OneBox? #

The affiliate program is built for those who:

  1. Want to create their own industry solutions in the corporate software world.
  2. Want to do systems integration, business process design, business consulting.
  3. Get and sell sell leads to other partners.

Create industry solutions #

We believe that in the future all enterprise software will be built on builders because it's faster and cheaper for businesses, and system integrators will develop into specific business specializations.

Therefore, we invite our partners to create specialized industry solutions based on OneBox and promote them under their own brand right now.

What OneBox provides to partners? #

  1. box management infrastructure
  2. infrastructure for creating your own industry solutions
  3. white label to your industry solutions
  4. Purchase prices for regular tariffs and activation keys
  5. leads and marketing support for partners on their industry solutions
  6. Partner support via forum
  7. ownership of their industry solutions

Infrastructure for managing boxes #

All affiliates receive a box control panel where they can create, enable, disable, copy, expand their own boxes and their clients boxes. In simple terms, a reseller panel.

Infrastructure for creating industry solutions #

The app developer panel allows you to create and register your industry solutions. Technically, it looks like this:

  • You can create an app "CRM for some business"
  • put your logo, description, screenshots, videos, which box to copy
  • publish on our website in the industry solutions catalog
  • when user clicks "Install" on your industry solution - you will get a lead, and optionally, the user will be given a OneBox that will be copied from your preconfigured box.

White label to your industry solutions #

We allow partners to white label their industry solutions. Conditions:

  • for industry solutions only (if you're just a system integrator and setting everything up, then no)
  • only if the partner actually works on their industry solution: promotes, sells, supports
  • powered by OneBox not being removed.

Procurement prices for affiliates #

More than 1900 activation keys in amount of more than $760 000 were sold by affiliates in 2021

We provide the procurement prices for those affiliates, who promotes themselves, who promotes own apps on OneBox basis.

An affiliate can purchase:

  • activation keys at cost price (for box versions of OneBox);
  • cloud plan at cost price + first three months for free for every project. (An affiliate do not pay for client's cloud for the first 3 months).

An affiliate performs some marketing activities on their clients, leads at least once a month at his platforms. For example:

  • publishes OneBox announcements and news;
  • publishes information on his OneBox based applications on the web;
  • sends out mailing lists on the own base of subscribers;
  • brings new audience to OneBox website and forum. (It doesn't count, if you just post something on 1b.app site or neglected social medias)*

In simple words: you promote yourself as OneBox affiliate and your OneBox based solutions you get the procurement prices and opportunity to make real money by selling software.

Procurement prices become available after joining the affiliate program.

Leads and marketing support for partners #

More than 120 application were created by affiliates in 2021

If on 1b.app a partner creates and publishes applications, all the leads who comes for these applications will become this affiliate's leads - Unique.
This implies any type of the apps, including fake app or config app.
You can publish the apps on the website and manage them on your own (developer portal).
OneBox deals with moderation and promotion of applications. We ensure SEO and traffic, give recommendations and help to optimize the apps, so you get the leads.

In simple words: you create the application - then you get the unique lead flow.

It's up to affiliate's discretion, what to do next with this lead flow:

  • process them on their own;
  • sell or transfer them to other affiliates on the own terms.

But lead belongs to affiliate only.

Support for the application is provided through the forum 1b.app or OneBox Telegram chat.
If it's paid application and the client purchases it through the website, OneBox charges 30% off at the time of purchase.

App install schedule by month

Ownership of solutions, created on OneBox basis #

We enable our partners to create their own solutions and configurations on OneBox platform and then officially register property rights for the ownership of these solutions.
OneBox is a constructor for software and a low-code/no-code platform at the same time. It can be compared with a high-level programming language or creating websites at Tilda constructor, except for it's software for business is being created.
Solutions created on OneBox basis by affiliate will belong to the affiliate, he'll be able to replicate and sell it, while paying only licensing payments for OneBox.
For example, affiliate can create "СRM for agribusiness" on OneBox basis and sell this CRM as he wants then, paying only for activation keys at cost value or cloud plans at cost value.

Support, assistance and refinements for OneBox affiliates #

We perform up to 6000-7000 OneBox improvements per year on demand of our partners and clients
There're more than 10 000 topics on the forum annually

We provide free support to our partners in all inquiries and refinements, provided they bring a paid client and provide services to him.

In simple language: we stand ready to refine OneBox free and fast on demand of affiliates. "Fast "means in 0-10 days".

You bring a paid client - in return OneBox will:

  • answer all forum questions from you as an affiliate on how to better configure/make something;
  • sponsor your refinements and improvements of OneBox software for this project, if you order it publicly via forum;
  • sponsor the sessions with developers, if they are required for the project;
  • refine and create documentation and video-guides upon your request.

Sponsoring is limited to the cost of client's paid plan. You will get more details after joining the affiliate program.

Why should you consider OneBox? #

OneBox heavily differs from Bitrix24, amoCRM, Creatio (Terrasoft) and other solutions in CRM, ERP, BPM branches on the market. Its functionality is drastically different and it's much more than just big words.

If you are an integrator, who's implementing CRM, ERP systems, we recommended you to look through the videos and guides about OneBox. That is the order:

Once this is complete, we would be glad to have you as a part of our team.

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