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OneBox, popular questions and answers

What is OneBox OS and business apps? #

OneBox OS - This is a platform, a business operating system, it consists of hundreds of applications.
This is a great software product, but the user decides which applications to install and use, user can create their own applications.

After registering on the site, the user can create an unlimited number of cloud boxes (environment), inside each box can put any applications (apps) and assign different users can access them.

Each application is customizable and programmable. User can independently study OneBox documentation and courses, independently program applications without knowledge of the code. Or can hire a team of certified developers who make your OneBox OS software dozens of times faster and cheaper than anyone else on the market.

What is business process modeling #

One of the main elements of OneBox is the application Workflows. It allows you to model business processes and immediately apply them to real tasks, orders and business projects. Almost all low-code and no-code is built around workflows.

To understand how to create business processes, you can:

What is low-code and no-code and how will it help your business? #

Low-code and no-code is a new approach to business software development where in The programming language is a super-configurable and flexible CRM / ERP / BPM system with great possibilities, and then the software is made up of the available cubes of this system, not programmed from scratch. We can say that low-code and no-code are the next level of languages programming.

Low-code It is successfully used in enterprise solutions, especially where there are software requirements provisions are constantly changing and supplemented. (In simple words, where there is no TK or TK coming up on the fly).

Real example: you need accounting software for your company (for example, customer billing). You you can hire php / python developers and create such software in 1 year and at least $ 40,000 or create such software on OneBox OS in one month and $ 4000.