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Setting up a report on sent SMS

Good afternoon.
We use SMSC.KZ integration.
When sending SMS, we take the number from the add. fields.
How can I add columns with additional fields such as process name, object number, address, etc. to the report?
According to the reports, employees see to which number the SMS was sent, but they do not see which process this number belongs to.
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Good afternoon. SMS is not tied to the order, it is tied to the recipient (client) and the sender. One client can have dozens of orders, in theory it is possible to display the last order in this report, but it may be incorrect if SMS was not sent from it
11.11.2022, 15:47
Original comment available on version: ru

Good afternoon.
SMS stopped sending again at all.
Already for the third time.
16.11.2022, 06:36
Original comment available on version: ru

Sending SMS just falls off, but in the order history there is a comment SMS sent, although in fact nothing has been sent anywhere. The manager sits and thinks why there is no feedback, but everything is sent according to the comments, the client sits and thinks why there is no feedback from our company, and this is how the two sides sit due to the fact that the system does not work correctly and, moreover, in introduces confusion.
16.11.2022, 06:54
Original comment available on version: ru

SMS is not sent again.
Support hasn't responded for over a week now.
22.11.2022, 09:21
Original comment available on version: ru

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