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About the OneBox work model, partners and implementation

Dear users!
This article is primarily for you. In it, I will tell you how the business model and structure of OneBox is arranged. This information will help you navigate the processes and address questions correctly. And understand who you work with and under what conditions.
About OneBox
OneBox is a software vendor, a software company.
OneBox customers are system integrators (those who implement CRM). These are our partners. We make software and infrastructure primarily for them, so that they can build various industry solutions for their clients.
Partners are separate companies, OneBox has no shares in their business and we do not manage them in any way.
With whom the client works:
The client can come to OneBox, or immediately to a partner (integrator).
If the client came to OneBox - we will pass it on to the partner(s) or say "here are the system integrators - choose".
The client and the integrator will contact each other, find out what needs to be done, draw up a project plan, estimate, contract and start working according to their rules and agreements. If the system integrator needs something from OneBox in the course of work, he will purchase it from OneBox.
Analogy: you come to some company, ask to do CRM. The company thinks about exactly how it can do this, what OneBox components it needs for this, how much their work will cost, calculates it all, packages it and offers it to you.
Another analogy: OneBox is a programming language. You hire a development company that writes software for you in this programming language. The developer himself buys the necessary software and licenses for himself in order to place an order.
What we provide to our partners:
We provide our partners with our infrastructure: cloud control panel, activation key control panel, forum, billing.
The partner himself has the right to decide what and for what he sells to the client, what it will be called, what will be included in it and what will not be included.
Some of the partners will sell licenses + implementation, some will sell the entire industry solution, some will sell hourly work.
This is all at the discretion of the partner. OneBox does not regulate anything: neither prices, nor terms, nor risks.
Partners are an open market. Someone works better, someone worse. Some are cheap and some are more expensive. Some are faster, some are slower. OneBox only gives or sells software to partners.
About OneBox employees:
And now the most interesting thing: inside OneBox itself - there are no employees, no developers, no managers, no technical support.
1. The OneBox code itself is also written by partners. OneBox has a contract with several partners who write the OneBox code, maintain the infrastructure. In fact, it is outsourcing for money. There are no internal OneBox programmers, only partners.
2. OneBox does not have sales managers and project managers. You can't talk on the phone, write in messengers, or meet with OneBox. All this is done by partners. Some of the partners have their own sales department, some work alone as a freelancer, some only work as subcontractors for other partners. If you communicate with someone, it is definitely a partner.
3. OneBox has no technical support. It is provided by partners according to their own rules, ideas and tariffs. Someone makes the support of their projects free, someone paid. The forum is simply a platform that OneBox has provided to partners and customers to discuss any issues. When you ask a question on the forum, you get answers from other customers or partners who want to answer. OneBox does not oblige them to answer, does not regulate answers, does not regulate the terms of answers.
4. There are marketing partners. They do not sell anything to anyone, they do not set up, they only find leads and sell them to other partners on their terms.
5. Even the mechanism of attracting partners in OneBox is also implemented on partners :)
About money and contracts:
OneBox does not have direct contracts (agreements) with end customers.
OneBox receives funds only from partners and only for providing them with infrastructure. When you as a customer pay a partner "for implementation" - OneBox will not receive anything directly or indirectly from this. Even when you pay for the cloud or for activation keys, OneBox will not receive everything and not at once. (Essentially, while the implementation is in progress, OneBox does not receive any money).
There is billing on the 1b.app website. This is part of the infrastructure that OneBox provides to partners and customers. If the client pays for something through our site, the partner will receive the money immediately. Billing is the same interaction tool as the forum. In this case, OneBox is just a zero-fee merchant.
Therefore, if something did not work out for you with your partner, then:
- You need to solve this issue on your own and with him, because it is only between your company and the implementing company;
- You can write a question on our website in the forum, various partners will try to help you. Everyone wants to capture the customer, this is pure competition;
- You can write a review of the partner on our website;
- for its part, OneBox can only recommend "here is a list of partners - choose";
- if the partner does not work well, we will lower his rating and he will receive fewer leads from us, but not more.
About industry solutions:
Partners can design their CRM solutions and ERP solutions, upload them to our website in the "Industry Solutions" section.
This is a catalog of various software that our partners have created based on our infrastructure.
We provide all partners with a dashboard where they can manage their solutions.
- You as a client or always work with a partner company,
- or know about OneBox yourself,
- or become a partner :)
Thank you for your attention.
Maxim Miroshnychenko
CEO of OneBox
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Thanks for the clarification
Please tell me, Oleksandr, but is it somehow possible to regulate the purity of the relationship between the integrator and the client?
Doesn't it happen that a person who represents Soft behaves like an impostor, moreover, with impunity?
Should there be an "arbitral judge" who will resolve the dispute before the court?
02.11.2022, 13:53
Original comment available on version: ua

Суханіцький Андрій OneBox CORP
OneBox Corp - Інтегратор
Personal license
Oleksandr, if you open a service station and want to repair a Bentley there, and the quality of the work will be poor, then the manufacturing plant has nothing to do with it. You buy the right to use the system as it is with all its advantages and disadvantages, and you need the services of an integrator to help you set it up, you either buy them or set it up yourself. Using the integrator's services, you are forced to accept its conditions or look for another one, but the situation is such that all integrators now have almost the same tariffs and the cost of setting up this or that functionality. There is a lot to choose from, but considering that your business is engaged in the provision of services, you should understand that it is impossible to return the services provided.
03.11.2022, 13:59
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