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Purchase returns

I can't transfer the process http://crm.adparts.com.ua/admin/customorder/zakazi-avtodoktor/848969/edit/ to the Refund stage.
Gives an error
I guess why this happens: The product http://crm.adparts.com.ua/admin/shop/products/102342/storage/ is located in two warehouses . In the Warehouse "Used units" sales ban.
Probably the program is trying to write off from this warehouse.
But that's not how it should work! We make a return to the BP in which the goods were credited to the warehouse "Desk of orders for service stations". So let him return from this warehouse.
If this is not possible, then let's make a revision
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Good afternoon.
I'm waiting for the answer
15.11.2021, 15:55
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Good afternoon. After clicking on the button, your process after some time gets to the action that sells goods from the warehouse "Used units", this warehouse is not intended for sale and you see the corresponding error. The BP logic is probably configured incorrectly, since you write that you are returning the goods, and in fact the sale action is launched.
17.11.2021, 12:52
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