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All applications are missing the button "Return to the previous page"

For example, I went into the access rights settings, then "Tasks" set up what you need.
Next, I need to return to the window for setting the access rights of this access group, in the interface I can only return to the page of all groups or go to the main page
That is, I need to open the desired group again or completely switch from the main page.
Please add such a button, maybe in the future, because such a problem is in every application and you need to go through a bunch of pages several times or constantly open a new tab, and the browser back button returns to the previous page, and as we know, almost every save is already considered the previous one page and you can save the extra or, again, make 2-3 transitions and update the page by editing the address bar.
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Sorry, I've already dealt with this issue.
16.06.2021, 02:02
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figured out
21.07.2021, 00:23
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