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non-standard port for mysql connection

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We have a non-standard port on the server to connect to the mysql server. Namely port=3311. How can I configure the connection port in the application? Otherwise, it gives an error "The connection to the opencart database is not correctly registered"
here are the errors
- Or is it possible to prescribe the port through a colon?
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Good afternoon, you can't use a colon. You need to make a separate setting for the port, it will take 1 hour. Bill?
23.11.2022, 11:40
Original comment available on version: ru

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Understood. So far, no need. Let's try to submit a request to technical support to create a new database server with a standard port value. OneBox connects by default, as I understand it, to port 3306?
23.11.2022, 13:10
Original comment available on version: ru

This is controlled by the php configs, i.e. default ports for connecting php to mysql can be different on different servers. In your case it is 3306 .
23.11.2022, 13:26
Original comment available on version: ru

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