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Incomprehensible system for displaying new mail statuses

We have two types of shipment: from our warehouse and from the supplier's warehouse.
For orders that are sent as overlays, we have put automation in the business process constructor, which, with the status of the new mail “Released. By pulling the dobi the driver takes away sms ... ”the process goes to one stage.
And for orders that have already been paid, we have set the automation that when the status of the new mail is “Released”, the order moves to another stage.
But it turned out that during shipments that the supplier makes on his own behalf and at the same time, the TTN says not a penny order, but Payment Control, the TTN with overlays in Nova Poshta is assigned the same status “Released from the administration”, as if they were paid. And it turns out that automation does not work correctly - as for a paid order.
Is it possible to somehow take this into account?
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Good afternoon. Unfortunately, we can't influence the statuses of new mail in any way, but you can configure the bp to distinguish the supplier's orders from your orders. For example:
1. Set the action for switching by the status "Released" and name the stage "Distribution"
2. At this stage, the next. As an action, set the action to check some field (for example, the additional field "Is this an order from the supplier's warehouse?") And if it is filled, then you throw it at one stage (which is needed for this order), and if it is not filled, then at another.
That's all, this is how you separate the status "Released" for standard orders and from the supplier's warehouse.
14.08.2022, 11:48
Original comment available on version: ru

OK. thanks for the advice
15.08.2022, 09:20
Original comment available on version: ru

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