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Integration with Tinkoff bank - does it work?

Не работает интеграция с банком?
Вы всегда можете установить компонент другого банка и работать с ним! Посмотреть список финансовых компонентов
There is integration with https://crm-onebox.com/en/app/tinkoff/
Tell me where to get the keys to integrate with this service? Tech support replies that they do not issue such accesses. Is the integration relevant or improvements needed?
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At the time of creating the integration, we were provided with a terminal ID and password, on the side of the bank account it was necessary to register the link [boxurl]/tinkoff/push/
Requests are sent to https://securepay.tinkoff.ru/v2/
Perhaps something has changed in 2 years, you need to find out from Tinkoff support.
07.09.2021, 14:18
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Here is the current documentation
Can you check if everything is ok? Or do you need to redo the integration?
08.09.2021, 13:37
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To check the relevance of integration according to https://acdn.tinkoff.ru/static/documents/merchant_api_protocoI_eacq.pdf, you need access (terminal key and secret key)
They can be sent to d.zamogylnyi@crm-onebox.com
08.09.2021, 14:04
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