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Evaluate the refinement of product bar code creation on the basis of addn. process product fields

In my order, each product will have an additional field in the format of a number or a line (it doesn't matter) where I will write 11 or 13 characters according to the formula (also, it doesn't matter if there are any restrictions, then the numbers can be more or less - as many as you want :) ) .
Next, I need the document template to have an option based on a number (for example)
1012312342222 to draw a bar code of the usual format without any control digits and other things, just so that there was exactly such a bar code with the numbers that I will physically indicate in the appendix. process product field
How much time does it take to make such an adjustment?
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in the document template for the order there are variables (Code-39 barcode) or (svg EAN-13 barcode) for the number-type order fields. Try to bring out both of them and see which one is suitable. Code-39 seems to be made without checksums, and EAN-13 with a checksum at the end. Then, if any one is suitable, we will make it possible to do the same for additional goods
26.07.2022, 14:08
Original comment available on version: ua

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