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It allows to accept and make payments via WAYFORPAY in your OneBox client personal account. To use the app, you would need to sign up for account in WAYFORPAY. After the integration is enabled, you would need to configure the payment settings for your client personal account. All the payments will be processed by a chosen method - you can enable alternative payment methods, if required.

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Application WAYFORPAY available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application WAYFORPAY available on my server
Available on my server
Application WAYFORPAY customizable

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1 answer
02.11.2022, 16:41
Connecting the payment service to the online form
Perfect solution. The client fills in the form, clicks the submit application button (screenshot 1.png), after which a Wayforpay payment window (po...
2 answer
11.02.2022, 13:49
link lifetime
We form links to payment wayforpay here https://ppikc.crm-onebox.com/app/workflow/14/procedure/59/ In what format should the setting be specified h...
You need to connect several integrations - evaluate
System Version - OS You need to connect several wayforapy integrations - now you can only 1 How many hours is this? You also need to immediately ev...
34 answer
19.01.2022, 14:00
Completion calculation: Translate the process into a stage depending on the WayForPay payment status
Guys, I ask you to calculate the revision on WayForPay, namely: you need an action at the stages with which you can transfer the process to the des...
7 replies
10.11.2021, 10:46
WayForPay loading payments
WayForPay has documentation on uploading payments (list of transactions) https://wiki.wayforpay.com/view/1736786 It is necessary to implement integ...
8 replies
15.10.2021, 19:31
OS: Refinement by action
Previously, I ordered and paid for the creation of the "Create payment link in WAYFORPAY" action, but found that it was missing a few det...
6 replies
27.09.2021, 16:41
OS: Displaying accounts in wayforpay
It is necessary to form a request for payment by wayforpay, in which case there will be no sum and ID process for any payment. For example, in the ...
17 replies
Rate - link to payment wayforpay
It is necessary to refine the action "Generate a link to payment" Where would it be possible to specify 3 settings 1. From which field to...
10 replies
13.07.2021, 15:51
OS: Wayforpay billing via API
Good afternoon! I noticed that the WayForPay resource works only in the context of OneBox itself, that is, to receive payments when there is exactl...
6 replies
26.04.2021, 21:57
Way for pay - error while creating (first time)
The payment block is displayed in the personal account The first time you click on "Pay" get like this and then if you do like this Se...