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Telegram allows to integrate OneBox with your Telegram chat-bot. The enabled integration converts messages, sent to the client's Telegram chat, to the system's processes with the help of automatic action. You can send replies right from these processes, without having to open the chats. You will eventually see the conversation history and respond from OneBox, performing other processes within the system at the same time. On the other hand the clients will get messages via their Telegram, exactly the same way, as if they were written through the messenger. 

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Available Platforms «Telegram» #

Application Telegram available on Android
Available on Android
Application Telegram available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Telegram available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Telegram available on my server
Available on my server
Application Telegram customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Telegram» forum #

5 replies
16.03.2023, 13:59
Ability to format text in mass mailing
Hello! I use the Telegram bot as a landing page for my project. In the Telegram bot designer, you have the opportunity to format text in text block...
3 answer
21.02.2023, 16:01
Telegram bot does not connect
Good day. It is not possible to connect the Telegram bot https://construct.1b.app/app/telegram/, although all settings are made according to the vi...
1 answer
05.01.2023, 11:36
Stopped pulling chats
Since the beginning of the year, all clients who have written to the Telegram bot have not imported a single message into Crm and the Chat application
3 answer
Telegram icon not showing
There is no Open in Telegram app icon next to the phone number.
2 answer
13.12.2022, 11:34
Uncontrolled telegram notifications
Good day There are actions at the stage: https://crm.mebelok.com/admin/shop/workflowstatus/496/action/new/ Which sends a notification in Telegram w...
2 answer
01.12.2022, 18:31
Error sending Telegram "Share contact data" button
In the "Send Telegram message" action, the sending of the https://take.ms/xOF9I button has been configured. The following situations aros...
3 answer
24.10.2022, 15:56
The status of the process does not change when changing [url_change_status: ...] in the callbackdata field
I am editing telegram notifications with the i button in the Callback Data field, specifying the change [url_change_status: ...] , When clicking o...
1 answer
12.10.2022, 13:49
It is necessary to finalize the link buttons and pulling up the image
Here https://granosolution.1b.app/app/workflow/1/procedure/2/ you need to add link buttons to the telegram action and so that the links are drawn f...
3 answer
Personal license
11.10.2022, 13:45
Expanding the functionality of the standard integration with Telegram
Hello! We developed a BP for communication with the client via Viber through the functionality of buttons with actions at stages, including switchi...
1 answer
Personal license
21.09.2022, 10:31
Dorobka - options for placing buttons in the popup
Good day. When you send notifications in Telegram through the "Send a Telegram message" button, the buttons will be placed in one row ind...