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Component «ERC»

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How it works «ERC» #

It allows to add new products from ERC supplier and update information for existing ones in the system daily. The list of fields to update: product id, SKU, name, category, price, currency, availability, recommended retail price.

To use the app, you need to provide the access credentials for API ERC, and free access to your IP.

Cloud pricing for data and applications

There is no additional charge

Cloud pricing per user

There is no additional charge. You only pay per OneBox user.

Boxed solution (on-site)

There is no additional charge. You only pay per OneBox user.

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Available Platforms «ERC» #

Application ERC available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application ERC available on my server
Available on my server
Application ERC customizable

Reviews and discussions component «ERC» forum #

Finalization of integration
Good day! Is it possible to finalize the integration in terms of obtaining balances from ERC for the specified warehouse in advance?
3 answer
26.07.2022, 10:10
Are product filters loaded from ERC
Hello. Can you please tell me if product filters are loaded with ERC?
8 replies
OneBox Corp - Інтегратор
Personal license
13.07.2022, 11:41
The postal worker brought changes to his ap
Types of products have changed xml structure The products were added to the last child tag goods - and now the stench is not updated. Discussed her...
2 answer
06.01.2022, 16:17
The brand does not pull up
Good evening. Box https://boxhappy.crm-onebox.com The brand is not being added to the product card from the ERC supplier, is this a bug or needs im...
11 replies
14.12.2021, 11:35
The logic in the API has changed
Good afternoon! Box https://boxhappy.crm-onebox.com The ERC provider has changed logic, updated instructions in the attachment. Estimate the cost o...
5 replies
01.10.2021, 16:32
Server IP
How to find out the ip of the server from which the request for ERC is coming?
2 answer
09.09.2021, 11:44
After installing and configuring the application, categories and products are not loaded
Good afternoon. I installed the application, set up automation (once per hour), but products and categories are not loaded. The CRM server ip provi...
20 replies
Integration with ERC
Good afternoon. Is there any way to see and check if the integration with ERC is working at the moment. OneBox setup done.
10 replies
08.07.2021, 12:05
Integration with ERC
Earlier there was a question about integration with ERC https://crm-onebox.com/ru/support/suppliers-and-prices/9086-ne-zagruzhaetsya-inf... ...
6 replies
24.06.2021, 09:00
Information not loading
Integration installed with erc. Access is open, but the goods in the Box are not loaded, please see what could be the reason."