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Component «E-katalog»

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How it works «E-katalog» #

It allows to create file in XML format for upload to E-catalog platform. You can mark all products for export, so as some specific ones. You need to configure "Export products in XML format" hourly automatic action to generate a file.

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Available Platforms «E-katalog» #

Application E-katalog available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application E-katalog available on my server
Available on my server
Application E-katalog customizable

Reviews and discussions component «E-katalog» forum #

Needed Information on the main side of the mobile version of the site and punctuation in the normal version
Needed Information on the main side of the mobile version of the site and punctuation in the normal version
1 answer
OneBox Corp - Інтегратор
Personal license
16.02.2021, 13:58
Refinement of product unloading in xml
I need to generate 3 yml files: 1) Full product catalog 2) Only products that have been created in the last 24 hours 3) Only products for which the...
10 replies
02.02.2021, 15:37
Some of the goods are not transferred correctly when imported into the good
noticed that the number of goods in stock in the box is greater than the number of goods in stock in XIII, while the total number of goods was the ...
5 replies
31.01.2021, 10:45
No backup for...
Hello! Today on the portal I saw such a picture (screen). For what reason could stop making backups from 01/22/2021? Prior to this, backups were ma...
16 replies
28.01.2021, 18:13
SEO text not showing
SEO text is not displayed on the site pages, except for the catalog pages and the main page. It is necessary to output textual information (content...
1 answer
28.01.2021, 17:09
Automatic transfer of goods between categories
When importing into BOX, the rich postal workers copy their structure to the catalog of goods, we have our own authority, as we have improved the a...
11 replies
25.01.2021, 08:45
CRM not working
CRM has not been working since yesterday. Gives page 451
5 replies
Тзов Екомора
22.01.2021, 17:41
Interaction from https://www.parts-catalogs.com/
Need real_zuvati sum_sn_st with the right cards for goods in our systems. the possibility of storing the value of the goods from the order (code, n...
2 answer
20.01.2021, 08:24
Integration with
Colleagues, good afternoon! It is necessary to set up integration with the "Honest Sign" company. Honest sign - the company is engaged in...
11 replies
12.01.2021, 16:48
Filter for mobile version
Recently, we have done a revision to change the filters on the main page of the mobile version, "display by tiles", please tell me how to...