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Component «LiqPay»

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How it works «LiqPay» #

It allows receiving and sending payments via LiqPay within your OneBox personal account. You need to register in LiqPay first to use the app. After the integration data is provided in the app settings, the above-mentioned features will become active. You can also enable creation of expected payments when utilizing the two-step payments.

Cloud pricing for data and applications

There is no additional charge

Cloud pricing per user

There is no additional charge. You only pay per OneBox user.

Boxed solution (on-site)

There is no additional charge. You only pay per OneBox user.

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Available Platforms «LiqPay» #

Application LiqPay available on Android
Available on Android
Application LiqPay available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application LiqPay available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application LiqPay available on my server
Available on my server
Application LiqPay customizable

Reviews and discussions component «LiqPay» forum #

1 answer
08.11.2023, 12:56
Give an answer - Error 500 when going to LiqPay integration settings
https://1b.app/ru/forum/integrations-with-banks-and-payment-systems/17894-500-os... Integration ht...
1 answer
16.03.2023, 02:13
Need full development.
Hello everyone, we need a person who can develop a website and connect liqpay to it, write in more detail in telegram. @Lavryhha The amount is nego...
LIqpay service commission
Good afternoon! We have configured integration with this service With OneBox, we issue payment links to customers Customers pay and payments immedi...
2 answer
Інтегратор OneBox
Personal license
11.01.2023, 11:34
Receiving payments with Liqpay
Good afternoon! Payments do not enter the likpay when generating a link from the process. The external payment id is specified. The payment flies i...
8 replies
19.01.2022, 14:08
Completion calculation: Translate the process into a stage depending on the LiqPay payment status
Guys, I ask you to calculate the revision for LiqPay, namely: you need an action at the stages with which you can transfer the process to the desir...
2 answer
CEO, owwa.com.ua
10.01.2022, 11:17
LiqPay payment not confirmed
Good afternoon, LiqPay payments have ceased to be confirmed today. An example of the process where you need to confirm the payment: https://owwa.cr...
1 answer
LiqPay payment binding automation
There was a problem with the automatic binding of the LiqPay payment. I have already set up automatic binding of PrivatBank payments, in automatic ...
7 replies
Invoicing LIQPAY
Good afternoon! The Liqpay system works only in the context of OneBox itself, that is, to receive payments when you have your own store. Tell me, i...
2 answer
29.03.2021, 22:07
Linking payment to the process (Privat24 Autoclient)
This type of comment: "LIQPAY ID 6547678445 SOID 93304 PBK i612312343..." Zovnishniy id zamovlennia tse "SOID 93304" How to pay...
6 replies
OneBox Corp - Інтегратор
Personal license
15.03.2021, 13:35
Why payments with liqpay are not created when paying online
I make a payment using the link https://integrator.com.ua/payment/liqpay/2/?paySum=1&orderid=1137 , After payment, I was redirected to the succ...