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This application makes it easy to set tasks for an integrator or a technical support one through a mobile application or a web version. It will help to control the process of implementation and technical support, reminds you of the approaching deadlines for the delivery of tasks. You can always control and see at what stage the process of implementing the task. What discussions were conducted on this problem. Save and agree on the terms of reference for future tasks.

Cloud pricing for data and applications

There is no additional charge

Cloud pricing per user

There is no additional charge. You only pay per OneBox user.

Boxed solution (on-site)

There is no additional charge. You only pay per OneBox user.

Available Platforms «OneBox CORP Support» #

Application OneBox CORP Support available on Android
Available on Android
Application OneBox CORP Support available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application OneBox CORP Support available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application OneBox CORP Support available on my server
Available on my server
Application OneBox CORP Support customizable

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