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Component «ApiX-Drive»


How it works «ApiX-Drive» #

Get different systems and services linked in a few minutes without programmers involved.

Integration of CRM, messengers, google services, market-places, mailing services, chat-bots, website designers, systems for analytics, payment systems, quizzes, advertising systems, online-chats, telephony and many other.

Assign the actions with the help of convenient interface, based on "if something went wrong in one system, an appropriate action in other service needs to be done" principle.

Available actions:

  • Download Orders New/Modified/By Status;
  • Create Order;
  • Modify Order.
  • Integration allows to download orders from OneBox, transmitting data on them to other systems.

Also, you can make it so new orders are created in OneBox automatically, based on the data from your applications. This will allow to fully automate interaction of OneBox with other services and systems.

Available Platforms «ApiX-Drive» #

Application ApiX-Drive available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application ApiX-Drive available on my server
Available on my server
Application ApiX-Drive customizable

Reviews and discussions component «ApiX-Drive» forum #

1 answer
20.06.2023, 09:52
Different times when choosing the same time zone
good afternoon, the question arose with sending via api from the data box through a third-party apix drive service, with a box in https://implant.1...
3 answer
ФОП Легеза В.В.
Personal license
18.05.2023, 18:15
Examples using the ApiX-Drive application are of interest
Where you can see what new features have appeared in the application and how to use them.
9 replies
Personal license
29.09.2022, 19:34
Error in the Create ORDER action in the OneBox system. Info: This phone number is already registered #3390.
Good afternoon, the link to the site for receiving applications and Vanboxa gives an error. I can't make a repeat order for the client. What is...