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2016 OneBox NEXT

Next - this is the next step in automation

01.08.2016 WebProduction has officially announced the release of an updated OneBox Next software solution that combines the capabilities of customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise business process management (BPM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

OneBox Next is a web-based business process management platform. The complex's capabilities allow you to schedule tasks, control the implementation of current projects, automate the process of creating project documentation, keep track of customers and leads, plan enterprise resources (including human, financial) and much more. The product features integrated phone call control, advanced search tools, and a built-in OneBox AI neural network that analyzes work and is able to conduct meaningful dialogue with the client or suggest appropriate answers.

OneBox Release History

The new version of the product has received a number of improvements and improvements in terms of functionality. Among the most notable changes, developers note an updated user interface, new mobile client applications for iOS and Android, an expanded business process editor, additional task management tools, support for voice functions. OneBox Next synchronization mechanisms with third-party CRM systems, built-in employee testing module and improved search engines deserve special mention, which now search the documentation, knowledge base, settings and reports taking into account the context of the previous search. The full list of innovations can be found here.

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