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Public contract

about granting access to OneBox OS

IMPORTANT! Please read the terms carefully before accessing the OneBox OS , contained in this Agreement. Payment for access to the Software at the selected Tariff and / or Account / Account registration in OneBox OS means proper conclusion this Agreement and your full agreement with all its terms. If you do not agree to accept unconditionally the terms of this Agreement, you are not authorized to access the OneBox OS.

1. Definition of concepts

1.1. Contract – this public agreement on the provision of access to the Software OneBox OS. The contract is a public contract in accordance with Art. 633 Civil Code of Ukraine. The contract is a contract of accession, in the meaning of Art. 634 Civil Code of Ukraine. No contract is the copyright agreement for the transfer of the exclusive and / or non-exclusive right to use Software.

1.2. The executor is the – limited liability company “СРМ”, which is located at the address: Ukraine, Chernihiv, Myru ave., bldg. 53A, office 400.

1.3. Account owner – any natural or legal person who has accepted the terms of this Treaty Providing access to OneBox OS through payment and / or registration Account / Account.

1.4. User — an individual to whom the Account Owner has granted access to Software under this Agreement and the selected Tariff.

1.5. OneBox OS (next Programmable – provision) – program For electronic computers (both as a whole and its components), being represented in the objective form a collection of data and commands, including source text, database and other data included By the Contractor in the composition of the specified program for electronic computers, terms of updates and support as well as any documentation regarding the Software. The software is subject to copyright, the exclusive property rights of which belong to the Contractor.

1.6. Public offer – this offer to any person or entity o providing access to the Software to enter into this Agreement.

1.7. Accept – full and unconditional consent of the Account Owner to conclude this Agreement on the terms set forth in this Agreement.

1.8. Tariff – tariff plan that determines the scope of conditions for access to the Software security elected By the Account Owner, according to the Contractor's price list, published on the Internet at the following address: https://1b.app/.

1.9. Repository – storage location for information, data entered by the User and / or Account Owner after accessing the Software.

1.10. Account – Software entry (login / password pair or special API-key) that stores data that allows you to identify and authorize the User and / or the Owner Accounts.

1.11. Account – information resource, which is a collection of data from one copy Software with a unique identifier used to group program objects for display and use them together.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The Contractor grants the Account Holder access to the Software within its framework functionality, solely for self-use by the Account Holder, with rights providing access to the User within the selected Tariff.

2.2. This Agreement is considered concluded from the moment the Account Owner pays the cost of providing access to the Software and / or registration of an Account / Account in the Software (Acceptance), according to the corresponding account of the Contractor and / or registration of the Account / Account, and is valid as long as you access the Software, subject to due observance by the Owner account / User of the terms of this Agreement.

2.3. The amount, procedure and timing of payment of fees for providing access to the Software are located in Internet at address: https://1b.app/ru/prices/. The fee is calculated according to the owner's choice Tariff Account.

3. Rights and Responsibilities

3.1. According to this Agreement, the Account Holder gets access to the Software, as well as the following rights:

3.1.1. the right to independently choose the appropriate Tariff, the list of which is posted on the Internet via address: https://1b.app/;

3.1.2. the right to change the Tariff during its entire validity period, while the Tariff validity period will be increased for the term of the current Tariff, paid but unused, taking into account the cost of the new Tariff;

3.1.3. the right to place in the Account / Account data belonging to him in accordance with the selected A rate if such placement does not violate the provisions of this Agreement and Ukrainian legislation;

3.1.4. the right to use the resources of the Storage at its discretion under this Agreement;

3.1.5. the right to report deficiencies to the Contractor and to require proper functioning Software;

3.1.6. the right to grant access to the Software to the User within the selected Tariff.

3.2. Account owner is required:

3.2.1. comply with the terms of this Agreement;

3.2.2. provide valid, accurate and complete information about yourself and other information required by fulfill the terms of this Agreement;

3.2.3. ensure the safety of the username and password required to enter the Account / Account;

3.2.4. Immediately inform Contractor of any copyright infringement on the Co Software third party parties (if the Account Owner is aware of such violations) and also contribute The Contractor in the prompt termination of violations and fixing evidence of their presence;

3.2.5. monitor Users over the fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement.

3.3. At the time of providing access to the Software to the Account Owner / User not allowed:

3.3.1. make changes to the Software, decompile, play, copy, Distribution of data in the Software for the purpose of transferring information to another software provision or for other purposes;

3.3.2. copy, distribute, otherwise dispose of the Software, or by deposit in rent or rent;

3.3.3. transfer logins and passwords to access your Account / Account to any third parties (except transfer of access by the Account Owner to the User) and / or provide third party access to Software in a different way;

3.3.4. prevent the Software from functioning;

3.3.5. use the Software in activities that contradict the legislation of Ukraine and violates the rights and legitimate interests of others.

3.4. Account owner is required:

3.4.1. comply with the terms of this Agreement (except for non-fulfillment of obligations arising out of an accident or force majeure circumstances);

3.4.2. maintain and maintain the Software functioning;

3.4.3. within a reasonable time (and if possible – in advance) inform the Account Owner about cases of lack of access to the Software, the reasons for the lack of such access and / or the timing of it restore;

3.4.4. keep the Account Owner / User information confidential when created Account / Account in the Software, personal email content, information in the Software, except as required by applicable law Ukraine;

3.4.6. The Contractor has the right to change the terms of this Agreement unilaterally by posting changed text on the Internet at https://1b.app/.

4. Information storage

4.1. The number of gigabytes of SSD disk space and gigahertz of processor power that the Contractor provides to the Account Owner depends on the tariff chosen by the Owner: https://1b.app/ua/prices/#cloud_onebox

4.2. If the Account Owner has exceeded the storage resources, he must switch to a different software plan;

4.3. If the Account Owner has stopped paying the monthly fee for providing access to the Software, then the data created by the Account Owner / User during the operation of the software is stored free of charge from the first day of payment delay, however the system is automatically locked . In case of the end of 30 calendar days, the Contractor has the right to delete all accumulated information by the Account Owner / User, without the right to restore;

4.4. The account owner has the right to transfer the information he has accumulated to external media. These services are charged separately.

5. Terms of Access to the Software

5.1. Beginning of the Agreement – Account / Account creation day.

5.2. If the relevant Tariff expires and the Account Holder does not purchase a new Tariff within 3 (three) calendar days, further access to the Software will be automatically blocked by the Contractor. To restore access, the Account Holder must pay a tariff for a period of 3 (three) months, according to the current prices and tariffs at the time of restoration: https://1b.app/ua/prices/#cloud_onebox
And if the tariff payment is overdue for 15 calendar days, OneBox will be removed from the server. The Contractor keeps a backup copy, to restore the system, the Owner must select the tariff that was current at the time of restoration on the page: https://1b.app/ua/prices/#cloud_onebox and pay within 3 (three) months. The tariff selected to restore the system operation cannot be less than the one used by the Owner for this.

5.3. In order to access the Software, the Account Holder must pass registration procedure, which will create a unique Account and Account. For The Account Owner needs to add the User himself by means of the Software create Accounts for them and give them access to Account. Number of Online Users within one Account determined based on the Tariff.

5.4. When registering, the Account Owner chooses his own login (unique symbolic name of the account Account Owner records) and password. The Contractor has the right to prohibit the use of certain logins, and also set login and password requirements (length, allowed characters, etc.д.).

5.5. The account owner is solely responsible for security (resistance to guessing) the password he has chosen and also maintains the confidentiality of his password himself. Owner The account is solely responsible for all actions / omissions (as well as their consequences) within the or using the Software under your Account, including voluntarily transferring cases or non-observance of data confidentiality for access to his Account / Account by third parties on any conditions.

5.6. The account owner must immediately notify the Contractor about any case of unauthorized access to Software using its Account / Account and / or any violation (suspicion of violate) the confidentiality of your password. For security reasons, the Account Owner is obliged to do it himself perform safe shutdown (button «Exit») at the end of each session of working with the Program provision. The Contractor is not responsible for any data loss or any other consequences of any kind character that may occur due to violation by the Account Holder of the provisions of this part of the Agreement.

5.7. The Contractor has the right to block and delete the Account / Account, including all information without explaining the reasons in case of violation of the terms of the Agreement. From now on, Account / Account recovery records, any information related to them, and access to the Software — not possible.

6. Privacy and use of personal data

6.1. The parties undertake to maintain confidentiality with respect to all technical, commercial and other information received from one another and take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of such information to third parties under this Agreement.

6.2. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Account Holder is in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «About protection personal data», acting freely, of his own free will and in his own interest, expresses his consent to: providing your personal data, including Surname, Name, Patronymic, email address, number contact phone number, date of birth, region, city, organization, position, and similar data Users to process them by the Contractor.

6.3. The Contractor takes the following actions in relation to the processing of personal data: collection, recording, Arrange, accumulate, store, refine (update, modify), retrieve, use, anonymize, block, delete, destroy. Personal data is processed for the purpose of execution the terms of this Agreement.

6.4. This Agreement is valid for the entire period of granting access to the Account Holder to Software. The account owner understands and agrees that if this is revoked By consent, he will not be able to access part or all of the services of the Software. Upon completion the validity of the contract, the Contractor undertakes to delete personal data within 30 days from the moment this Agreement has expired.

6.5. The owner of the account / User can withdraw consent to the processing of personal data by contacting the Contractor at sales@crm-onebox.com.

7. Additional Provisions

7.1. The Contractor has the right in case of violation by the Account Owner / User of the terms of this Agreement for the provision of access to the Software, unilaterally terminate this one Contract.

7.2. Upon termination of this Agreement by any party and for any reason, the Account Holder is obliged to terminate access to the Software completely.

7.3 If the User violates the terms of payment for services to OneBox partners, the Contractor has the right to close access to the OneBox OS until the User fulfills his financial obligations.

7.4. The software is provided on a principle «as is» and the Contractor does not guarantee that everything is its functionality will meet the expectations of the Account Holder and may be applicable to his specific target.

7.5. In the event that the Account Owner / User performs actions prohibited by the rules of this of the Agreement, the Contractor has the right to take measures to identify and prevent specified violations.

7.6. For all issues not regulated by this Agreement, the Parties are guided by the current one Ukrainian legislation.

8. Mobile App

8.1 The application is designed for existing and new users of OneBox CRM system, it allows you to work from a mobile device with a complete solution for customer relationship management. It automates business processes to increase sales, optimize marketing strategy and improve customer experience. We provide digital solutions for businesses of all sizes, no matter what they do.

8.2 CRM OneBox generates a list of visits to clients, for staff, staff using the mobile application sees the address of the visit and moves to it. The application captures the employee's gps coordinates in the background to track the route of movement, as well as to compare with the coordinates of the address of the client's visit and record the fact that the employee is actually located at the desired address to verify the authenticity of the employee's work.

8.3 We don't share user gps coordinates anywhere

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If you no longer wish to receive text messages from us you can unsubscribe from all future notifications from us by emailing us at sales@crm-onebox.com.

The executor is the:
limited liability company “СРМ"
Contacts: Ukraine, Chernihiv, Myru ave., bldg. 53A, office 400