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The server has run out of disk space.

Есть необходимость очистить место в системе?
Мы специально для этого разработали компонент! Посмотреть компонент
If images are taking up space, please remove all images. But, IMPORTANT, also turn off the action of importing products into the box from the prom, so that after cleaning they will not drag out again
Original question is available on version: ru


Hello. You can turn off the necessary actions yourself, after which we will clean up the images.
28.04.2021, 15:49
Original comment available on version: ru

So the system doesn't work.
i can't turn them off
28.04.2021, 16:51
Original comment available on version: ru

Raised the system, deleted all the images.
Daily automation of product imports - disabled.
29.04.2021, 15:28
Original comment available on version: ru

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