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Can't restore access

I have previously registered.
Login: ilya.safargaliyev@gmail.com. Phone +7 701 737 08 46.
Now the entrance is carried out by SMS-password. In this case, the profile is not completed.
When filling out, it does not skip my mail, as it says that such an email is already registered. There is no recovery procedure.
Now I can't do anything with my onebox.
Please restore my account.
Link: https://222.1b.app
Original question is available on version: ru


1. you are already logged in under your account
2. your system is already attached to your account
05.09.2022, 10:42
«Один юрист с портфелем в руках награбит больше, чем банда автоматчиков» Original comment available on version: ru

Сафаргалиев Илья
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All right. Restored after leaving a comment.
Thanks to.
05.09.2022, 14:16
Original comment available on version: ru

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