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Not working - "Translate product fields into the specified language"

Good day.
On the one-year-old crown, I completed the "Translate product fields into the specified language" according to the instructions for the topic - https://1b.app/ru/forum/other/14096-yak-dobaviti-tovar-v-ocherid--v-avtomatichni... -perevodit-polya-produktov-na-ukazanniy-yazik/
When you enable the checkbox "Run once by stretching dekіlkoh khvilin" - after 40 quills, the translation of the name for 2 products will appear. After that, having made a new decision for the weather forecast. In the goods, you changed the names, cleared the current fields (in the same way, the translation was written down) and added a dekilka of new goods. The transfer was made 1 time for two old goods, that having changed the name of the goods, they were changed. After what tsya diya stopped working.
In the analytics addendum on RapidApi, there are no more requests from the side of OneBox and the transfer of goods is not shown in the current fields.
OneBox OS
Also, you know one more to
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This action can translate products that have been created and / or edited those fields that are synchronized + the field is filled in the main field, but the same field has not been filled in another language since the last launch (on the first launch, they are checked for the last day)
Most likely there were no changed products for this and there were no requests to the api
24.10.2022, 16:32
Original comment available on version: ru

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