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OS - CashFlow

CashFlow forecast has the ability to customize the display by wallets or accounts
We suggest making the same setting for the cashflow report
Also add "quarter" period to both reports
Original question is available on version: ru


It is also not possible to view the final balance for one category for a certain period
Previously, we could go to the pending payments, and at the bottom of the page we had the opportunity to see in the context of each category
how many actual and how many expected payments
Now it is as inconvenient as possible, you need to jump into the actual ones - filter there, then go to the forecast and look there
23.07.2021, 15:52
Original comment available on version: ru

did what is in the description
27.07.2021, 13:42
Original comment available on version: ru

1. We have configured the display settings, but the category "without category" cannot be configured / it is displayed by default
2. Quarters:
January, February and March (Q1);
April, May and June (Q2);
July, August and September (Q3);
October, November and December (Q4).
I select the filter "quarters" / number of periods - 1
I expect to see the third quarter, but
I understand that you just did minus 3 months from the current one (Alya quarter), but it’s not entirely logical / because we have a pain to see in the context of each category the turnover for the quarter.
If we select "month" and periods 3, then there is no way to see the amount for 3 months / and manually add 30+ categories, well, somehow it's not optimized
What do you say?
27.07.2021, 18:25
Original comment available on version: ru

1. there are no settings for which categories to display, the description was about wallets
2. Now the 3rd quarter is underway. According to the condition you have chosen, the second quarter (01.04-30.06) is displayed, even if you choose to display -3 months, July will not be visible in the report, because display in past tense
28.07.2021, 16:29
Original comment available on version: ru

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