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directory fields bug

There was a problem with the directory https://crm.ohrana.ua/admin/shop/custom/object/21/
there are now 4 fields in the directory as seen from the screenshot http://joxi.ru/8AnlQzVtowp8pm, but if we go into the fields of the Object, there are 5
Previously, the directory worked correctly, today I had to rename one field Login from site (field id 122) to Login box and create a new field Login from site1 (id 200), but the fields seem to have been created incorrectly
There is a process field https://crm.ohrana.ua/admin/shop/orderfield/296/ associated with this reference http://joxi.ru/52apxnYTgNox0m, we accept it via api, but the value is not filled until I remove the link with a guide.
Please check and correct
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Something I don’t quite understand what your problem is ... and what does the api have to do with it ...
16.07.2021, 16:42
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