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Display process number while moving

If you open the product movement history
It is not visible here by what process the warehouse operations took place
You can open posting from here, in the warehouse record there will be a link to the process in the "Process" field, example https://crm.mebelok.com/admin/shop/storage/motion/114/
But if you open the warehouse operation move, then there is no link
Example https://crm.mebelok.com/admin/shop/storage/motion/97058/
And in this case, it is impossible to understand from the warehouse record in which process it was carried out
Tell me if you can add it there, maybe there is some kind of setting
Original question is available on version: ru https://qube-soft.com/ crm erp onebox qubesoft внедрение аналитика 1с интегратор


hello, it only shows in sales and postings. We can rewrite it so that it is in all types of warehouses. operations. Takes about an hour
27.05.2021, 17:51
Original comment available on version: ru

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