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Purchase price and margin question

There is a cup in stock - 5 pcs. the purchase price of which is 30 UAH, 20 exactly the same cups have arrived at a cost of 15 UAH, 25 cups are now in stock
Next, we create a customer order for 10 cups. We take into account the moment that we have cups with a purchase of 30 UAH per piece and 15 UAH per piece
How will the system calculate the margin? Will it take some average value or will it overwrite the old value of the purchase price with a new one?
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I think here is the answer to this question https://box.webproduction.ua/admin/standards-main/400/
21.01.2021, 12:23
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Матюшко Денис OneBox CORP
OneBox, Sales Manager
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21.01.2021, 12:28
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Сусяк Ігор Integrator
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https://box.webproduction.ua/admin/standards-main/400/ - can we have a screenshot of such instructions, because we have no access
22.01.2021, 10:28
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