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When you move, you win pardons about commissaries

Good afternoon!
When moving the goods from the warehouse to the warehouse/sales, vinikaє transferring the goods from the com_rcі. The goods are not available at the commissary, wines are in the warehouse, but when you move, you blame yourself for pardon through the commissary.
"not enough product in stock, missing 1 in cell#{|$cellfrom|} ({|$cellfromname|})!"
Please tell me how to fix it. Dyakuyu!
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Karina privit
I’m running on this product already є remіshchennya, it means pracyuє. deck of recommendations:
1) I’m working on my skills, you don’t win the functionality of the room, because it’s empty here /admin/cell/allmanage/
2) in the future, in order to allow operations with warehouses, it is necessary "Allow the movement of products within the same warehouse" /admin/shop/settings/storage/ , which is already set for you
2) win the business process, not the functionality of the warehouses (for example, https://take.ms/FQXZS ), then you can only allow the movement of just a few people / roles and easily implement the operation like a pardon.
03.08.2022, 22:15
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Igor, yakuyu!
04.08.2022, 10:33
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