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The system is writing nonsense that is in history when the product is bred

When the product is degraded, the system writes in the history of any nonsense (screenshot)
Axis stock https://baza.cn.ua/admin/shop/products/43409/history/?systemchange=1&filter2...
Want here https://1b.app/ru/support/stock/11877-sistema-ne-fiksuie-v-istoriyu-zmini-produk...
Rozrobnik wrote "This is done on purpose so as not to litter the story"
I admit that with such "slag" the system stores history and not only when
I ask you to correct the pardon, otherwise describe why it is necessary in history, or what is not so done in automation
Turning off for an hour the power of the day "Clear the data about the removed products"
Yaka here https://baza.cn.ua/admin/auto/action/day/edit/
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Judging by the screenshot that you provide, you are trying to write a string with a formula into a numeric field. After reviewing your automations for the product while saving, I found that you have the action Calculate the value using the formula and write it to the specified field (Price Socket + 40%) with the formula: -40+[znizhka42] and the setting to not calculate, but simply write the value in the field . As a result, you see such lines. Uncheck "Don't calculate by formula, just replace variables." and the number of records in the history for this field will decrease
30.11.2021, 14:16
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