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Evaluate the finalization of the document signature online

There is a need to sign documents through the phone, following the principle of how it works in Privat24 at the checkout.
That is, in order to display an interface in the client’s order, by clicking on it on the full screen on the phone in some pop-up window a white sheet would open on which you could draw, you just move your finger across the screen and make a signature. It is necessary that there be a "reset" button like or "Again" so that it erases everything that was and it would be possible to draw again from a clean slate
well, some button right in this window "Save" that would save the drawn picture (signature)
Further, a variable is needed in the document template so that it can be inserted. How many hours is this?
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Ustimenko Igor they want to call by mobile, can you take a look or not?
26.07.2022, 21:52
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We got docks and access by diya signature
so wait)
27.07.2022, 01:56
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