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Documentation for MVP

Is it possible to get the documentation for the old version of MVP :
need the following:
- description of actions
- description of automatic mechanisms
- complete product documentation
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All the documentation that we have on MVP is here - https://1b.app/ru/docs_mvp/
There are also some other videos on youtube.
There is nothing more about MVP.
The description of automatic mechanisms is found in the mechanisms themselves (in actions).
When you add some action to a workflow stage or for a day/hour/minute, this action has a name and description.
There are simply no other documents.
But, there are partners who know him well and perhaps they will be able to answer some questions of the client.
For example, https://1b.app/ru/partner/integrator/ or https://1b.app/ru/partner/shebo/ or https://1b.app/ru/partner/oneboxproduction/
In general, here at the discretion of the partner - he wants to support the boxes - ok, he doesn’t want to - also ok.
But the cloud - here since 2023 only OS.
02.12.2022, 18:43
Как со мной связаться - никак :)
Задавайте вопросы на форуме публично - и я отвечу.
Подробнее - https://1b.app/ru/user/11/
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Сусяк Ігор Integrator
Personal license
thanks for pointing out the partners.
yes, who else has an MVP - we can consult or adjust the existing functionality.
02.12.2022, 20:49
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