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Restrictions on the number of messages.

In normal operation, Viber has a limit on the number of possible messages sent per day (about 50 leads).
And how is this issue solved in this application, and are there such / other restrictions from VIBER? Tell me, please, who faced this issue.
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I used this application on Bitrix before, then we were warned that it was just a link with a private number, with the same restrictions, and this should be taken into account. That is, for mass mailings - it will not work, they will block it. Convenient for "live" communication with customers, sales work.
The restriction strictly affects the number of new contacts per day, and with contacts with whom there was correspondence earlier - more can be done.
We tried up to 20-25 new ones a day, and up to 35 old ones - everything was ok.
04.11.2022, 15:12
Original comment available on version: ru

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