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Integration with NP Logistic

Good afternoon,
When we bought the system two months ago, we paid for the upgrade mentioned here #2015716753.
Unfortunately, in December it turned out that even the basic integration with NP Logistic did not work for OneBox, since NP Logistic changed the version of the API a month ago.
To work correctly with the current NP Logistic API, you need to rewrite some points in the basic integration with NP Logistic.
We ask for an investment, as we recently paid for an upgrade for np logistics, but it turns out that even the basic functionality does not work.
Thank you.
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Good afternoon
your thread has been accepted
I will give you a deadline soon
25.01.2021, 13:44
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Good afternoon, I am enclosing instructions for you.
What you need to do to make the integration work:
1. Write an email to supportnpl@novaposhta.ua so that they add the address to their white list so that we can make requests to the new api. In the same letter, send them your API key for Nova Poshta, it is necessary for them to register it somewhere at home and create the correct ttn during shipments. After that, follow the steps below.
quote from documentation:
Access to the connection is allowed only from a specific list of IP addresses (whitelist)
To connect, you need to provide the IP address from which you will connect by writing a letter to the address: supportnpl@novaposhta.ua
Access is granted within 2 business days.
Also, to make settings in the NPL information system, the client must provide an API key from his personal account on
Nova Poshta website, which should be used by NP Logistic when creating an ID.
You need an API key, all other settings are done by us. For the test, we use our test key, but
if you need to check the correctness of generating ID documents in the IR's personal account, you can provide your API Key.
2. Fill in the settings in our market /admin/shop/integrations/novaposhtalogistic-integration/control/
3. Set the action once per hour "Export products to Nova Poshta Logistics" to export goods to npl.
4. If necessary, set the action once an hour "Import leftover products from Nova Poshta Logistics" in order to import the rest of your goods in the NPL warehouses
5. After the action of exporting goods has completed, you can create tn with handles on the tab or with an action at the stage.
For all the methods that we use, we have made changes according to the new documentation
28.01.2021, 17:44
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Thank you, the integration has started working, and the integrator and I are working according to the implementation plan.
17.02.2021, 18:47
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