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Good grades in the On Time module

Good afternoon, that is, for finishing touches.
to explain the essence of our business - most of our documents are bilateral with signing only by the counterparty - Applications, Questionnaires, Joining Agreements, etc., that is, we need to generate a document and immediately send it to the client for signing, while our signature on the document must not be.
Please rate the improvements to the Timely module:
1. Action - "Check whether the client is registered in the Vchasno service"
add additional contact fields to the "Take EDRPOU code for search from field:" field selection.
Also explain what should come in response, because we currently do not receive anything, the fields are empty.
Action Settings:
2. Action - "Upload documents to the service on time"
add the "Signing parties" field as in the Timely service:
Action menu:
and transfer these settings when the document is uploaded to Timely.
3. Add the action "Send the document to the counterparty", because now all documents hang at the "Ready for signature and sending" stage in Vchasno after downloading, and to send it you need to go to the Vchasno service and press the "Send" button.
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good afternoon, have you taken the question above into work?
27.01.2023, пятница, 12:03
Original comment available on version: ua

1. they closed this page from public access, now this action does not work until I found a solution how to do otherwise, they do not have such a thing in the api
2. 2 hours
3. 2 hours
сегодня, 18:20
Original comment available on version: ua

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