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CRM for educational institutions

You can install OneBox using the link https://crm-onebox.com/ru/?ref=21
CRM for educational institutions from SheBo
The application allows you to carry out a full cycle, starting from the search for candidates for training courses to the graduation of students from the institution.
How it works:
For each potential student, a card is created with unique fields in which interest in one or another course is noted.
This is followed by the identification and formation of a database of students who wish to study and on the basis of interests in a certain course (for example, courses in English).
Next, students are automatically divided into groups (with the help of unique settings, you can set the minimum and maximum value on the basis of which the group will be formed, or apply settings according to your conditions from the existing library of automatic actions).
After that, the schedule of classes is formed (with the help of unique settings, you can specify on which days classes should be
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