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Lap switching is disabled by the stage settings.

Hello. Under the administrator, the configured actions work, but under the user, when switching to a new stage, an error occurs "Switching the stage is prohibited by the stage settings." Tell me what exactly is wrong with the access settings, I already did all the accesses and still the error ... How to understand the reason ...
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Good afternoon. You have the action "Allow only a certain employee to switch the stage" on the stage. If it is not at the stage, then there is an action of switching to the next stage and this action is there. If this is not the case, reset the process example, the link to the user from which you are switching and the name of the stage to which to switch.
13.05.2021, 11:43
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It’s clear, thanks, at one stage there was an instant transition and at the next the check of the responsible one, I didn’t notice right away ... It’s not convenient, of course, that it’s not written with which particular stage the error is associated ... since there are jumps and it takes a long time to identify where all the same stop .. . Thanks a lot
13.05.2021, 12:28
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