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process action refinement

I ask you to evaluate the refinement of the action "Perform the procedure"
it is necessary to make it possible to use procedures from other business processes by analogy with how we set up the selection of process statuses in actions
in other words, you need
- add the "Business process" field with a list of business processes (including those marked as obsolete (hidden)).
- rebuild the logic of filling in the "Procedure" field in such a way that the list of procedures is taken not from the current process, but from the business process specified in the "Business process" field
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Перегиняк Александр
Oneboxconsulting (интегратор)
let's do. issue an invoice or create a new task?
15.12.2020, 12:02
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Перегиняк Александр
Oneboxconsulting (интегратор)
I paid the bill a week ago. When do you plan to complete the revision?
29.12.2020, 23:07
Original comment available on version: ru

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