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Sending SMS

Good afternoon!
Is it possible to send SMS to a specific phone number (specify it in action) when changing the BP stage. (this number is not associated with either the manager or the client)
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In the action "Send notification by sms" there is a setting "Take a phone number from an additional field", before triggering the action, hang up one more and write down the desired number in the required field, in total the SMS will go to the desired number
19.08.2022, 10:14
Original comment available on version: ru

Added "Send notification via sms" opened the "Take phone number from additional field" setting, where exactly do you need to create an additional field? Because of those that were added earlier there is no single field value.
23.08.2022, 15:04
Original comment available on version: ru

customization takes an additional Order field. Accordingly, you need to create it in the additional fields of the order.
23.08.2022, 15:05
Original comment available on version: ru

https://1b.app/ru/partner/onebox-corp/ try to apply with a similar task https://1b.app/ru/partner/onebox-corp/ here, you will be set up the desired functionality very quickly
23.08.2022, 15:06
Original comment available on version: ru

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