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Component «Monobank»

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How it works «Monobank» #

It allows to receive statements of payment from monobank to your OneBox. After the automatic action has been setup in the "Automation" app, the statements will get to the system, according to the specified settings. A payment will be created for the specified user in the specified process. You can configure the settings for the action of process search by the template or external ID, in detail, if required.

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Available Platforms «Monobank» #

Application Monobank available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Monobank available on my server
Available on my server
Application Monobank customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Monobank» forum #

1 answer
27.02.2023, 12:50
Complete the action "Monobank Statement"
It is necessary to add the setting "Set the payment client to the client of the found process" for the "Monobank Statement" action, so that when li...
8 replies
10.01.2023, 21:59
The Monobank application is broken
Good evening! The application is broken, writes: "Monobank Statement ERROR 2023-01-10 21:48:05 No token specified in the application settings" Used...
0 replies
13.12.2022, 11:16
All integrations have been removed
Today I noticed that payments are not being charged Later I realized that all the tokens were deleted How could this happen and can they be restored?
2 answer
26.10.2022, 19:52
Help with connection to monobank
Good day! After connecting to a monobank token, I can’t know how to create a “daily transfer of transactions from monobank.
2 answer
23.09.2022, 15:39
Integration settings Mono payment in installments
Need help setting up the Mono installment payment integration: 1. What data should be transferred in the request 2. The store id field is the stor...
Monobank Receipt of balance
Good afternoon! Action "Monobank Receipt of balance" I pull the balance to this account https://g-arm.1b.app/app/payments/settings/accoun...
3 answer
10.08.2022, 11:42
Payments from Monobank are not loaded
Integration with Mono is set up https://dikoros.1b.app/app/automatization/minute/edit/ for loading payments But payments are not loading. In the lo...
There is no way to enter the monobank integration settings
Good afternoon! 1.https://g-arm.1b.app/app/monobank-integration-new/settings/ can't go to "settings" 2. In automation, the account fr...
3 answer
03.08.2022, 09:22
Known for fixing the Monobank account
Good afternoon, today we noted that in 1 out of 2 accounts in monobank there was a fix. Online banking: https://owwa.crm-onebox.com/app/monobank/ G...
1 answer
Integration does not work once a minute
This action does not work once a minute, you have to run it manually through this checkbox Our portal https://admin.uatech.pro/, you can fix this...