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The Monobank application is broken

Good evening! The application is broken, writes: "Monobank Statement ERROR 2023-01-10 21:48:05 No token specified in the application settings"
Used for a long time - everything was ok. After what actions it broke, it's hard to say, I've already tried to delete / disable all integrations (accounts), delete / install the application. There is a feeling that something has gone in cycles in the application, something has gone wrong. In general, I have already tried everything from deleting the application and integrations, to changing tokens in monobank. The result is one.
Help, please, see what the problem is.
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Monobank Statement OK 2023-01-10 22:44:06
By some miracle, the token was accepted.
Now another difficulty:
Several accounts have been added to monobank, but none of them pull up integration with cards.
10.01.2023, 22:56
Original comment available on version: ru

Your IP is on the blacklist of the Monobank hosting server. There are 2 options - change IP or wait until your ip is removed from the blacklist. How long it may take they cannot say even the support of Monobank
11.01.2023, 15:14
Original comment available on version: ru

Maria, tell me, as I understand it, we are talking about ip boxing and how much will it cost?
And I suppose there is no information why this happened?
11.01.2023, 15:20
Original comment available on version: ru

This situation could arise due to a large number of requests from a given ip address in one period of time, perhaps
after changing the ip address, integrations that require permission by ip will need to be updated to a new address
As a cloud client, changing the IP address will be free for you, just write that you want to change the ip address
11.01.2023, 15:43
Original comment available on version: ru

Maria, please change your ip address.
11.01.2023, 15:47
Original comment available on version: ru

Good afternoon.
Your server IP has been changed.
11.01.2023, 16:34
Original comment available on version: ru

Hello Sergey!
Thank you very much, all integrations work.
11.01.2023, 16:36
Original comment available on version: ru

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