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Component «Instagram (Direct)»

from OneBox CORP #

How it works «Instagram (Direct)» #

Direct seamless integration with Instagram Direct (Instagram Messenger) inside OneBox OS. To connect the integration, you only need 2 minutes (for more details, see the video).

The following features are currently available:

  •  Receiving incoming messages in Instagram Direct without delay
  •  Reply to messages through the Instagram app itself, as well as from the chats or tasks app.
  •  Turning an incoming message into a chat with a user into a chat application
  •  Putting an incoming message into a process
  •  Get comments on posts
  •  Replies to comments on posts
  •  Replies to comments in direct
  •  Communication via comment block from process
  •  Sending a message to a direct client using an action in a step
  •  Delete sent messages
  •  Mentions in a story are included in the same way as incoming messages and a photo or video of the story itself
  •  Voice messaging (both process and chat)
  •  Sharing images (both from process and chat)
  •  Video and file sharing (both from process and chat)
  •  Getting user information (avatar, account name, id instagram)

This application as a CRM solution for Instagram allows you to fully accept requests from customers and process them and does not require much effort to connect. We recommend that you watch the video on the Instagram application first to get acquainted with the possibilities.

We are already working on expanding the functionality of the Instagram application and will soon release the second version, which will add comments to posts and import the posts themselves.

All subsequent updates and improvements to the application for customers who connect this application now will be free of charge, the price is fixed at the time the application is connected.

For cloud clients, companies OneBox CORP , as well as the same for boxed clients of the OneBox OS version who bought keys from a partner OneBox CORP- 33% discount on the monthly cost of the application will apply.

Cloud pricing for data and applications

from 20.00 before 35.00 USD per month

Cloud pricing per user

from 20.00 before 35.00 USD per month

Boxed solution (on-site)

from 20.00 before 35.00 USD per month

Available Platforms «Instagram (Direct)» #

Application Instagram (Direct) available on Android
Available on Android
Application Instagram (Direct) available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Instagram (Direct) available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Instagram (Direct) available on my server
Available on my server
Application Instagram (Direct) customizable
Paid Application
Paid Application

Reviews and discussions component «Instagram (Direct)» forum #

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21.12.2023, 18:41
Error sending messages 100-2534037
Good day. When sending messages to the client from which the message was received, I get the error "(#100) Invalid action because it is not the own...
1 answer
05.12.2023, 10:56
Nickname of the client
Is it possible to receive the client's nickname and enter it in an additional field?
1 answer
Personal license
16.11.2023, 12:27
After connecting the integration with VanBox, it was found that it affects the Instagram application itself, throwing it out of the Instagram account
After connecting the integration with VanBox, it was found that it affects the Instagram application itself, throwing it out of the Instagram accou...
3 answer
24.09.2023, 23:37
So, I’ll now try to explain it on my curve. I need to receive a link to the client’s Instagram page in order to use it in the iframe block in the f...
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24.09.2023, 22:52
User information.
Shalom brothers. 1. Question: when we create a task based on a comment, nothing is pulled up in our client. Bug? https://crm.phdcare.com.ua/52359/ ...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
Personal license
04.09.2023, 10:04
Is it possible to connect multiple Instagram pages?
Good day Tell me please: 1. Is it possible to connect several different Instagram pages? 2. Is it possible to configure in such a way to separate h...
1 answer
27.06.2023, 10:46
Application update
Good afternoon. Do you plan to add functionality such as: 1. Getting responses to rils, stories or posts. 2. Receiving all photos sent at the same ...
4 answer
13.03.2023, 20:32
Is there any plan to improve this module?
Last year they promised that there would be a new version of this module. Please let me know if there are any plans to improve it. - Firstly, I am ...
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05.12.2022, 09:20
Unable to connect Instagram
Good afternoon, we are trying to connect Instagram and an error appears that there are violations on the account, although there are no violations ...
Can't set up integration
Good afternoon! https://egorini.1b.app/app/instagram-direct/appsettings/ installed the app here completed all items I click "add" the aut...