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Application Questions and Answers «Instagram (Direct)»

Can't set up integration
Good afternoon! https://egorini.1b.app/app/instagram-direct/appsettings/ installed the app here completed all items I click "add" the aut...
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03.11.2022, 17:12
Installing Instagram(Direct)
We cannot install the application, it throws an error that only the owner of the box can install. But the account from which we install is the owne...
Does not send a message to the client from the required process
There was a ticket here https://1b.app/ua/forum/integrations-with-messengers/15629-bag-ne-rabotaet-avtom...
The automatic action does not work, will turn the Instagram Direct message into a process
I made the settings from the video, messages enter the system https://senseeducation.1b.app/app/instagram-direct/, turn into chat https://senseeduc...
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18.10.2022, 11:19
Will there be improvements in Instagram Direct?
Hello ! I have a few questions about the app 1. Is it possible to display the client's avatar on the left side of the (list) chat. The priority...
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12.10.2022, 08:57
Show emoji in chat
Hello! Tell me how to add emoji from instagram to boxing chat?
Can we generate reports based on data from a component?
Situation: We want to see certain reports on the operation of this component. In view of this, there are several questions about his work. Question...
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Doesn't install app
Does not install the application, asks for the owner of the box, although I am one
How to install and use?
How to install and use?
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22.06.2022, 10:58
When do I get the Instagram Direct add-on?
When do I get the Instagram Direct add-on?